I am a book guy. Maybe due to my age and childhood with mostly books and comics in paper format as my main read. Or maybe because I like to rest my eyes after af heavy screen day at work, thinking long term health.

But the books below are definetely the best I have read when it comes to making gag a day comics as I prefer doing. I need some fast wins and drawing the same person for a 50 page comic or 120 page grafic novel seems out of reach to a guy like me with a full time job.

Both are able to be purchased at Jeff Bezos' place

The Big Book of Cartooning, by Bruce Blitz

To me this is a classic from 1998 the good old days before IT revolutionized the craft. It is over 300 pages, not unlike todays 120 pages how to draw comic books.

It takes you through everything, from the basics, to characters, the four forms, animals and making your coffee cup alive.  How to make your on comic strip and where to get inspiration from is also included. You are both the screenwriter and cameraman, in determining what angles and dialogues works best. If your are into heroes or charicatures this is covered as well. Finally also opportunie$, how to make a buck on your skills.

I really like his style (check youtube) with rather quick strokes making the comic strips pop. This is also my preferred way of inking with a pen. Blitz is a big influenzer to me.

SOLO, by Palle Schmidt

SOLO elaborates from where Blitz ended his book with money opportunies to your art. It is a complete guide of how to start and survive as any freelancer putting buttor on the table. Schmidt has almost 25 years of experience of getting by with his talent in illustrations, story boards, comics and grafic novels.

The book is packed with advices from starting out (the 10 commendments, handling customers, peers and your self. Most of them learned the hard way. The book is from 2019 so it also covers social media platforms

I really like his moderate need for just getting by supporting his family and not building an empire. The freedom of not having a boss is of huge value.

If Schmidts income stream ever dries up, I really hope not, he is able to be some kind of coach or consultant from day 1. 

The illustrations in the book are super cool as well. Popping like Blitz in a more loose and splazy style.